life is
at its very core
so we apply
a false set of
standards to
define living
refusing to
acknowledge how
the basic tenets
transcribed are
are ideals with
no expectancy
of actuality
clinging to
dreamshards to
make the menial
less abrasive
unless we find
some measure of
fulfillment where
we currently
exist floundering
then the brighter
tomorrows we seek
become illusionary
stop gaps of
incremental miseries
left undefined
in chemical malaise
steamrolling across
these beautiful
disasters headlong
into mere lines
carved in headstones
love letters become
stern warnings
in sullen fits of
sorrowful soulgasms
slowly disintegrating
into stardust
caricatures where
dessicated demiurges
wink out along
synaptic scars from
rampant voltage
along fossilized
pitted desires


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