a pseudopod potpourri of half dreamt demise

i am a
a spiraling
demise in
half dreamt
reverie as
the sleeping
pills give a
pseudo slumber
of decreasing
causing me to
pull tighter
and tighter
until the
anxiety of
waking tired
and aching
on top of this
lack of dream
leaves me rather
unresponsive to
morning stimuli
a three quarter
conscious corpse
sipping caffeinated
sludge incapable of
telling if the
tap tap tapping
is from my legs
tremulous twitching
or the autumnal
showers coming
to bath this
dusty hellscape
of half slept
hypnosis or my
cracked shell
tightening as
i inwardly
spiral into
a chemically
altered demise
a series of
empty chambers
leaky valves
and complex
pressures in
a haze of
near dream
uncertain if
the storm is
external or
a byproduct of
incidental strikes
scoring my skull

a rainy day
over a gray city
trading pills
for artificial sleep
and pills for
defective attention
in a slurry of
dreamshattered refrains
casually regulating
internal combustion
a lethargic invertebrate
drifting lost in
the darkness of self
a captainless nautilus
seeking atlantis
in an abandonment of
silt buried hopespurs
as anxietal krakens
squeeze the hull
leaving laserbeams
of freezing saltwater
to etch disasters
through each rivet as
they pop like corks
celebrating my
incoming demise


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