dissociative mondays on the exit to downtown

a flat bed truck
towing a car
with another on
the bed spraying
water over the side
of the overpass
as it undulates
a catterpillar of
metal and glass
lazily crawling from
thirty around to
commerce street
and i am an aphid
in the torrential
rains scurrying
to find some leaves
to fill this void
growling in my guts

rainy days and the
unhappy faces piloting
robotic insects in
single file disarray
flashing lights from
the discarded carapaces
lining the highway
of abandoned wonder
unfamiliar with the
onset inclement chaos
as a sea of brake lights
ignites the gray haze
and filthy water sprays
as the catterpillar
undulates slowly through
the water standing on
the overpass overlooking
downtown dallas as the
clouds leak condensation
and thunder offsets a
dirgeful bemoaning of
horns like choking beetles


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