sitting in the rain
staring at the side
of the murky gray
building i do not
want to enter

the stereo gods
aren’t helping much
i keep telling myself
you can’t stop
ace of spades
and then how do i
not finish stepping stone
hüsker dön’t
skip sunshine superman
the problem inside
can wait another
two minutes and
the rain is steady
pounding the roof
of the car as the wipers
hypnotize in metronomic
trips back and forth
back and forth
back and forth i listen
to one more song
ill prepared for what
i am well prepared for
contradictory in my
manic confidence
compared to my
depressive doubts

one more song
then the day begins
waterproof vans
umbrella at the ready
motivation lacking
so long until i get
to see the kids tonight
in stasis
tapping my toes to
one last song
sending my love in
ripples across
the growing puddles
daydreaming about
the same things that
keep me awake all night
the music and the rain
a lullabye for a
sleepy fool


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