of storms and silence

there is a storm
supposedly brewing
yet i have been
sleeping through
the thunderous peals
talk of tornados or
flooding as people
race to buy bread
though the storm
seems destined to end
this weekend and i
cannot fathom how
much bread one family
can consume over two
days of possible rain

an evening in the
emergency room where
the pretty nurse with
a red snake tattoo
gave me treatments to
breathe so i could go
back home and possibly
sleep through the rain
breadless and with an
electrified brain to
join the shallow breaths
i am angry which maybe
the albuterol and steroids
fighting bronchial paths
to force an entrance to
oxygenated sleepytime

angry because these
day to day dour descriptions
of my unpoetic life in
semipoetic form is how
i manage the silence
of three in the morning
drives as the panic of a
potential fatal diagnosis
after an ill advised search
of how i felt on google
sent me into a sleepless
cycle of swirling down
the drain into the fear
the cancer that got dad
had its hooks in me too


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