the last four days
of influenze spiked
dreaminfection has
left me in a haze
where the thorns of
painthistles tore
in every halfdrowned
breath that managed
to wheeze its way out
of my decaying husk
carried the delirium
tinted calls for a
respite from insidious
aches as i slept walked
unaware if i lived
or if thanatos himself
manipulated the spastic
fiery twitches of my
manic mannequin frame
as i fell farther down
into the agonies that
seemed to insulate my
degrading mind in an
embrace of tortured hope
a sleeping sickness in
comatose delusions of
a shambling corpse unable
to find reprieve from
this insatiable hell
of cellular devolution

wildflower pollen coats
my fevered mind in a
delectabilty of divinity
three times three each
my love booms into the
vacancy consuming me
in this lingering sick
and as the final throes
ravage in their petulance
i follow these beacons of
light into a new dawning
inoculated by the effortless
beauty of her perfect smile


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