wishing wells of emptied empathies

i have no more coins
to toss into this
haunted wishing well
of emptied empathy
as nothing but the
silt of unreciprocated
dreamslurry in the
passionless face of
sheer self absorption
greets the new day of
distempered adorations
each tarnished penny
holds the knowledge of
how self absorption colors
the disregard to what
another has suffered in
the inward gaze where
it becomes impossible to
see any fault except for
the glaring flaws of any
poor shattered soul that
isn’t their own which does
nothing but poison the
trickle still spilling
amongst unfulfilled wishes

it is probably for the
best that i cannot manage
a full breath to voice
the things that go ignored
no point sputtering into
the indifferent wind as it
howls through the silence
of minimized daydreams as
they crumble to grit to
sandblast earnest affection
into a smooth basalt where
only the echoed prayers
no longer whispered get
pulled into the surrogate
pillows of insomnial woes
under gray skies where the
vacancy is another given
as calender sheets rustle
like fallen leaves to mark
the true distance between
two unflappable objects
with the same goal of both
putting her first leads to
a division of dire denials
as the coins mark each
dying wish in a metallic
tumble of wheezing devotion

there is no signal here
in the wooded ampitheatre
as i wait for school to
let out and at last feel
tethered once more to this
mortal coil where constant
sickness and sorrow has
done nothing to shatter the
stagnation of dried wishing
wells where empathy once
trickled from underground
springs to nourish the
barren desert of dreamthorn
delineations leading far
from the antiseptic dismay
in secondary heartthistles
whispering poetry to the
sparrows hopping madly
across the muddy ground
plucking shiny coins with
no regard to the wishes
wasted by fools who just
want to exist for a moment
in between the surging waves
where empty wells are no
more than gravemarkers at
the edge of oblivious pain

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