breathlessly abandoned

trapped in another
cyclical redundancy
incapable of seeking
an escape from
secondary waves of
where doing your best
is subject to the
whims of a world that
could not give two tugs
of a dead dog’s cock
about your feelings
belittled and shelved
no inherent value
until long after you
have mentally checked
yourself out of the
unwinnable equation
an origami imbecile
folding himself tighter
and tighter until the
act of simple physics
deteriorates and the
vacancy of hollow sorrow
tolls soundlessly into
the void where a person
once semiexisted in the
malaise of empty returns

i have been lost for so
very long now it is easy
to forget others are only
now learning to live
without the presence of
someone they so gleefully
took for granted before
i tumbled off the map
that once led them to a
home of endless adorations
because we butted heads
as we both strove to put
them first and foremost as
the forevers i promised
were an attainable dream
left to die on the vine
because what was asked for
was never given freely and
a fool only asks so many
times before he feels as if
he is begging and is made
to accept the truth of the
scenario in which he will
never be given the same sort
of treatment they lavish
upon themselves effortlessly

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