the drugs hit
a million suns
burning through
cellular dismay
a cauldron of
molten metals
in a pervasive
sway dancing in
collapsing veins
a disruption of
powering illness
in entropic chaos
the sinuous scales
as the dragon slides
a delicate dance of
nigh divine dystopia
cascading in waves
of solar dissonance
as the vessel cracks
the demon awakens
with a terrible act
of unhinged hunger
gluttonously tearing
sinful souls asunder
a collusion of light
in a supple delusion
where forever becomes
a mercurial blight
cast from an illusion
of sunlight disintegrate
a chemical diffusion
easing the transition
to stygian relapse
two coins melting
as the ferry rocks
upon the ebon waves
ever churning in a
roiling river of pure
forgetful lamentations
the half dreamt splinters
piercing the tender
flesh of timid surrender
in a catastrophe of
well worn falsehoods
draped in best intentions
as traitorous cells
scream for the poisons
in palpable cravings
for a quicker death

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