preying on prayers

stoking the ashes
hoping for an errant ember
to reignite the passion
gone dormant in the long
dark night of dreadful
half dreamt melanoma
spreading across beauty
in a suffocating wave
of defiled deliriums

slipping downdowndown
a sinkhole, a portal,
a gateway to the open maw
of hellish best intentions
a fetid mass of half decayed
corpses scrambling for
the warmth of living flesh
to satiate the souldeep
freeze of winter’s neglect

nightmares swelling up
convulsive necessities in
a prolapsed state of wonder
rancid bubbles in the
bloodstream sending panic
in cardiac distractions
as the fevered wishes blister
the choking cries for help
in stutteringly silent dismay

god is a spider sitting
patiently on the signal thread
implacable in her avarice
seeking easy feasts from
the mindless sheep bleating
out pleading lamentations
babbling in babel tongues
a legion of lesions leeching
the pathetic prayers of prey


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