it is far too easy
to lose sight of those
things that bring us
a modicum of joy in
the endless malaise of
entropic failures that
define being human as
human beings scrabble
about trying to prove
that even briefly we
existed as life crashes
against our weary forms
the tide against the
shore slowly falling to
pieces to be swept out
in the churning abyss

it is far too easy
to forget to give thanks
to the tethers keeping
us from spinning out
in the spaces between
as the doldrums of living
corrupt the sheer wonder
of actually being alive
picking at the scabs that
life inflicts and tracing
the scars that are proof
we survived events that
have killed weaker beings
when we should find cause
to celebrate the moments
of fleeting happiness in
a sea of abysmal solitude

three times three i repeat
to the wildflowers and the
smiles that erase the haze
of gray hovering over my
bipolar dissonance in this
saturation of chemically
dependent delusions with
brief instances of clarity
that i can hold tightly to
when all hope is lost and
daydreams shatter across
insomnial adorations while
i sputter semipoetic verse
to the sparrows hopping on
the porch in breaking dawn
and that is enough for a
fool so easily lost in the
darkness of self woven dread
to make it through another
cycle of insane confusions


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