dark tidings in perpetual haze

a purification of sin
in sweet self immolation
beneath the interlocking
brasswork teeth of god
sending entropic slivers
in a blizzard of molten
reverberations to bathe
the chemically deluded
with a torrent of pain
nauseated from spinning
against the turbulent tides
the undertones of undertows
grasping at flailing limbs
in a frozen symphony of
sympathetic regurgitants
pulling us deeper into the
darkness where heaven is
another blighted wound
seeping a seasonal sickness
to perforate the paradise
hovering just outside the
fevered grasp of divine angst
at one with the universal
uzimaki ebbing effortlessly
into this infinity in pain
of phantom pins and needles
in a river of pragmatic magma
searing the organic denials
into a cybernetic construct
of razor blades and birdsong
to strip the skeleton clean
of the avarice in mortality

i gasp
the air burning
as i spit out my love
in bloody flecks
a perversion of hope
scratching little
cartoon hearts
in the vacant gaze
of this mutually
assured devotion


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