tiny diamonds

the skies above
passively aggressive
in shades of gray
cast dispersions
upon the dying week
the sad realization
of self unimportance
as the sidewalk chalk
swirls in spiralled
demises to taint the
water table and the
bloated daydreamers
float facedown in an
obstructionist act
of redactive wonder
does little more than
sully the beliefs of
weary warriors with
prosthetic hearts in
a splintered surrender
under the aggressively
passive smothering gray
crushing carbon into
crystalline structures
of despondent despair

i inhale these
polluted epiphanies
an enforced rigidity
of shallow gasps
to exhale these
tiny diamonds of
rejected adorations
in a bloody mist
spreading infections
of spasmed malaise
as thorns pierce
these deflated lungs
with poisonous prose

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