reflected deviations

stardust shimmers
dead skin cells hover
in a dust devil of
discarded detritus
a terminus of tattered
dreamthistle drifting
lazily in the sallow
sunlight filtered
through the dirty windows
cascading shadows of
myopic dysmorphias
catching fleeting glances
at the stranger staring
through toothpaste streaks
from the other side of
the bathroom mirror

i am more than
the sum of scar tissue
and lingering regrets
an anomaly of
electrical surges
in hyperbolic dissent
and in this storm
i found myself
no longer lesser than
but deserving of
the same efforts
i put out to be
reciprocated equally
rather than fed
the scraps of those
so self consumed
no one else exists
a stark change towards
the path to wellness
and finding myself
scattered along the way


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