insipid idiocy

hushed silence in
nihilist whispers
broad strokes
emotional resonance
metaphor for dream
a heavy sigh of
acceptance as
the poet realizes
he will most surely
die on a pile of
unread manuscripts
broken hearted and
certainly all alone

the whiteboard is
filled with ideas the
insidious haze in my
cavernous skull will
likely never scribble
as the neighbor stomps
back and forth directly
above the sleepy fool
as metaphors tumble
incoherently from
his maggoty lips

regurgitating lines
oft ignored as the words
blur into a sludge of
idiosyncratic emptiness
better left ignored
as the birds squawk in
frozen lamentations
and the line between
agony and avarice is
indistinct in the cool
december dismissals of
iambic ambivalencies

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