the hunter

there is a
howling sounding
in my guts
an insatiable
growling beast
demanding more
sustenance as
it hunts angrily
prowling through
the hollow depths
for a blood drenched
feast to stave off
this self imposed
famine of need

snapping and biting
claw prints carved
in the dew soaked
grass beneath the
silver sliver of
lunar delusions
hunched down low
nostrils flared as
the scent of prey
intoxicatingly flows
pinpoint pupils as
every muscle tenses
ready to strike
to rake and tear at
warm flesh quivering
in unbridled panic

the creature hunts
unchained hunger
an incarnation of
primal lust and desire
tasting the breeze
as instinct drives
this coiled mass of
straining muscle
a ravenous beast filled
with gluttonous need
to rend and tear apart
snapping bone and
ripping ligaments in
a symphony sounding
the nature of the kill


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