human nature

human nature
dictates an unnatural
need to put themselves
ahead of the rest of
the faceless herd
i see it daily
as they scoot along
trying to cut in
at the last moment
frantic to be three
car lengths farther
in the stagnant traffic
pushing towards the
end of the lane so
clearly marked for miles
as closed down and in
the silence where all
that was asked for was
a moment of time that
is too precious to
find an instant of return
unwilling to accept
anyone else has anything
half as important to
their day as whatever
is affecting the world
they inhabit in a bubble

it is too easy to pretend
we are one struggling mass
then forget anyone else
is struggling through
the same rigorous agony
that is the nature of
humans being more than a
sentient plague of sorrows
dragged along in an array
of chemical deficiencies
under the gray skies of
swollen storms barely
restrained in the heavy
clouds blocking out the
light we need to induce
an endorphin surge that
makes it all better for a
momentary relief before the
inevitable relapse of
razored depression rending
everything into a sludge
of insidious slights cutting
down to the bone to expose
the rancid rancor of life

i long to find the pieces
of broken code that will
rewrite this calamatiy of
indecent delineations and
sculpt a better tomorrow
no longer beholden to faulty
circuits leaking voltage
to burn through the gelatin
of false reality overlaid
onto the perceptions and
unnatural expectations of
flesh golems flickering in
and out of existence with
no understanding of the
ill affects so casually given
in the daily dismissals of
stuttered interactions as
we are unable to see past
the scars we wear in unison
but only recognize as our own
less a colony of ants and
more a loose collection of
unprepared disasters headed
to the same destinations
in small boxes with weathered
headstones that do little
but prove we all were here


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