more than enough

no more
willful blindness
facing forward
with open eyes
and an acceptance
somethings are
beyond our control

when you express
a desire to be seen
and valued
that suddenly you
become the villain
it isn’t you
that is the problem
despite what you
are made to believe

don’t ignore the
sudden opportune timing
of your desires
being vocalized and
the negativity
those that seek
control now implement

you’ll always be
the bad person when
you ask to be
put first for once
because you upset
the carefully
manipulated status quo
by shifting the balance
toward an even line

it is okay to be
vilified for wanting more
it shows the truth
you have denied
in your efforts to
keep everyone
except yourself happy

if your feelings
are deemed unimportant
it isn’t you that
needs to change
it is the situation
the rampant toxicity
of being put second
too long tolerated
putting them on defense

you are amazing
even if you don’t see it
the rest of us do
you have a glow
the world cannot
distort no matter
how you try and hide it

it is time to
stand on your own
and blind the bastards
who refused to
acknowledge you
to make your own path
to the happiness
you so rightfully
fucking deserve

no more
willful blindness
shed the barnacles
of doubt dragging
you into the dark
because you are
more than enough

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