words can be
until what
was actually
said becomes
a sick parody
with a whole
new meaning
far removed
from what was
actually said
like playing
the old game
where one person
whispers a word
and by the end
of the line
it has become
something else
entirely removed
from the original

it becomes
impossible to
express yourself
if every word
is a potential
land mine
prodded for
secret subtext
rearranged until
what was said
and what was
interpreted become
so far apart
the original
message is lost
and despite the
desperate attempts
at explanation
falling on now
deafened ears
what was said
is meaningless
as to what was
cobbled out of
the inference

we become so
consumed at sussing
out the underlying
messages that
we cannot see
the forest for
the trees
and soon the
simplest things
are misconstrued
as outright attacks
despite the words
themselves being
pleas for understanding
and anxiety builds
as we fall deeper
into this mythology
we have created
in the place of
factual explanation
as each sentence
has expected thorns
so we ignore the
bright blossoms
expressing the truth

once we begin to
expect the worst
it becomes easier
to turn anything into
more fuel for the
bonfire of indignation
until it consumes
all the meanings
into ashen piles
with which are used
to prove the theory
without any actual
empirical evidence
making us more and
nore defensive
until we don’t see
anything but the
narrative that fits
our growing sense
of being accused
triggering a new
wave of anxiety
until all that is
left is hurt feelings
in a confusion of
misread explanations


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