storm of words

loss is
yet wraps
around my
chest with
the weight
a dwarf star
crushing me
into dust

perhaps i
am inhaling
my own fetid
remains on
another of
my journeys
through the
tartarus of
a rancid soul

a single
minded misery
machine who
picks scabs
in the long
dark silence
of existence
longing for
that which
i can never
manage to hold
without breaking

a storm of
words no one
will ever read
crashing endlessly
into myself

2 thoughts on “storm of words

  1. Hi. I haven’t read your work in a long while, but I do think your work is strong. I am glad you are a writer. When I do take time to read poems on wordpress, yours are always interesting. Always. Painful yes. But honest. And sometimes your work rings with pure beauty… like approaching distant bells.

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