admit conceit

newton insisted
time continues to
pass as a constant
while einstein
argued it was more
a relative passage
which would explain
how fresh pain
seems to last
an eternity and
yet time still flows

time is a cage
in which temporary
beings seek to inflict
order upon chaos
governing even the
most microscopic
changes with an
imaginary set of

if we can somehow
categorize everything
in chronological order
perhaps we can
pinpoint an exact
explanation for the
accidental reaction
behind existence

i say fuck it
wear three watches
set to different times
spend months perfecting
your peanut butter
and jelly sandwich recipe
while teaching cats
to salsa dance
it doesn’t matter
all of this madness
ends one way or another

we just do what the
chemicals dictate
feed fuck fight
despite our clever attempts
at manipulating the
world around us
the clock is a shiny
new veneer to hide the
chains which keep us
well and truly enslaved
it is just our refusal
to admit conceit

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