jug of milk

my irrational
keeps me
hanging out
where i am
clearly unwanted
a jug of milk
curdled in the
back of the fridge
that needs to
be thrown out
but there is
alaways a reason
to put it off
until tomorrow

my welcome
like a splinter
barely noticed
until the full
infection sets in
now just another
ordeal to be
dealt with
after so long
being ignored

but i am a
virulent sort
of mold
and unless every
spore is
it seems i keep
growing back
until it takes
a deep cleaning
to remove all
traces i was
ever even there

a slave to
my emotions
unable to erase
the imprints
my amoeba soul
until i remain
the only one
still feeling
the trickle
where tidal
currents once
flowed freely

a spoiled jug
of milk unwilling
to be tossed out
because the
expiration date
was written in
a code i could not
seem to decipher
clinging on
despite the
evidence showing
my curdled desire
was long since
thoroughly discarded
believing i still
belonged due to
my irrational

i happily wear
the stains of
my devotions
even as i am
cast aside by
those that meant
so much more
to me than i ever
meant to them
an insane stain
with a short
shelf life dreaming
of mattering into
the long term
that never seems
to actually exist
better a memory
in sepia tones
than the mold
in arrested
cardiac development


8 thoughts on “jug of milk

  1. I was reading poems and noticed Harlan Didrickson is tailing you. His poem isn’t visceral like yours but he’s camping on yer theme. I guess copy-catting is the highest form of flattery… 😽💋

    Liked by 2 people

      1. I know right? When I called him out on it, He said and I quote, “I’m Sorry?” and then he replied again, “Despite what some may think longer isn’t necessarily better”
        But obviously yours is FAR better and he is nothing without your muse.
        Keep doing whatcha do. 😽💋

        Liked by 1 person

          1. He’s no doubt about that old saying “all material is useful in the hands of the master” but he’s harmless… cuz at this point in his development, he couldn’t write his way out of a paper bag.
            No worries about plagiarism. Just thought you should know you probably the muse for people you don’t even know about. Ya got reach. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Trust your process… that’s my two cents on the matter, for what it’s worth. Take it or leave it… If you take it, you’re smart, tho. 😺

            Liked by 1 person

              1. Well, clicking on “likes” and “follows” has become dicey, so you’re smart to focus on your work. There are “people” who have automatic bots as well as they indiscriminately go down the reader to see who they can get to come to their site and they are loaded with malware and spyware/adware and it’s easy to accidentally spread their virus. WordPress went “open source” because it’s bankrupt and the CEO is in over his head. The core commiters are allowing the writing community to be gutted by grifters and marketing bots. It sucks. But I wanted you to know even among all of that your voice lifted above the scourge and sang bright. Because you’re not trying to shine anyone on. You’re just writing your truths.
                Ok, I’ll leave you to it…

                Liked by 1 person

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