thick with smoke

the air is
thick with smoke
my head still
vibrates from
the firetruck
that idled just
outside my window
i was jittery
all day as the
mania replaced
the anxiety
the pendulous
swing taking me
from the sky is
falling into
individual atoms
pulsing in a
chaotic array

i am moving at
the speed of sound
thunder crackles
around my every
thought as i
calculate the
trajectory of
a hairline crack
racing down the
pristine soul of
beauty incarnate
savoring the
ripple as it runs
impossibly down
the fabric of
space and time
static discharges
as i feel each
strand of dna as
it unravels and
reconfigures me
at a molecular level

there is a tapeworm
coiled into the
shape of a heart
humming softly in
my papermache chest
my organs undulate
in time with the
erratic misfires
lavender sparklers
lighting the dark
in my ivory skull
twitching in place
a spasmodic amoeba
in a regurgitation
of unsung lullabies
skewering the soft
tender bits with the
dreamsplinter knives
honed by insomnial
blacksmiths in the
fires of emancipation

the air is
thick with smoke
from the burning
houses like
bonfires lighting
the horizon
i run my finger
gently along
the crack marring
beauty and smile
at the perfection
in broken things
as voltage arcs
as thunder crackles
i am shattered
and reformed
again and again
until who i am
and what i have
become are wholly
separate entities
in a perpetual game
of cat and mouse
as i vibrate along
with long gone
shiny red firetruck

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