floating facelessly to abandon

the current of
the lazy river
pulls my body
slowly forward
the sunlight
filters through
the canopy in
a display of
dancing shadows
a secret missive
from the trees
themselves in
coded flashes
over my eyelids
as i struggle to
wake myself before
the liquid fills
my shriveled lungs
well aware in my
unconscious state
somewhere between
dream and dying
in the cold flow
of the ancient
waters everflowing

an electrical
surge of unseemly
malfeasance rattles
through my brain
as my body remains
immobile on the
placid waves
drifting along
waterlogged and
trapped in the
threads of this
sloppily woven net
half drowned by
reticent adoration
in a sluice of
neglectful repose
floating down the
frigid river of
unwanted silence
as the waves
gently caress my
stubborn instability
while the alarm
rings out surrender
over a chilly day
i am not prepared
to fully face

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