a friend
me to write
an introduction
for his new
of short
and as i
scribbled my
thoughts on
his writing
and on our
it began
to feel as
if i were
writing his
eulogy instead
of selling
the reader
on his words

in my macabre
mindset i
began to
eulogize myself
a goddamned fool
who gives past
the point of
total embarrassment
in his pursuit
of what doesn’t
want anything
to do with him
spilling himself
into the æther
incessantly to
the verge of
becoming a parody
making himself
smaller and smaller
until he simply
ceased to exist

an introduction
feels a lot like
writing a eulogy
you just have
to hope that
the subject is
someone worthy of
catching attention
a poem feels
almost exactly
like writing an
autopsy report
as you define the
cause of death
in metaphorical
incisions that
expose the worst
parts of the corpse

i long for you
to trace your
across the
y incision
on my still
cool chest
to trace my scars
and see the story
of my adoration
weigh my heart
against my sins
as you eulogize
the fool that
wouldn’t stop
loving you
long after the time
it was all
taken away

introductions for
my friends
with a shakey
and a scufffed
dollar store
ouija board
my organs
tagged and bagged
a dreamcatcher
the best parts
of a goddamned fool

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