i despise
my delicate nature
easily bruised
a faint breeze
leaves me shattered
all i can do
is lash out in
my petulance
airing every ache
skinless in
the storm of
salty tears
so filled with
the golden glow of
untarnished emotion
the beauty of which
i cannot capture
as it seers my
insolent tongue
i scream out
in lowercase
yet remain timidly
silent in life

i paint myself
naked and unashamed
in half literate
metaphoric malaise
to an anonymous
audience of none
revealing every scar
every hurt
a whiny little cunt
exposing myself
while keeping all
of my ingrained
ugliness trapped in
the mirror i
casually avoid
agonizing over the
crystalline delicacy
consuming my frame

despite my
despicably tender
disposition there
is layer of
sinew and scar tissue
lending a beguiling
structural strength
leaving me
irrevocably broken
yet still standing
as the light dancing
through my cracks
streams in a display
of the passions
unfettered by
rigid design
and i see briefly
the beauty that
consumes me is made
to destroy me in waves
of divine agony

i hide behind
the poetry
revealing everything
to a faceless crowd
while keeping
detached from
the world
not as an act of
self preservation
i need no protection
from the tempests
that surround me
rather because
worst things happen
to better people
and i don’t ever
want to be a burden
on those i love
shattering myself
to shine new
constellations to
highlight their
unabashed beauty

a delicate
natured lesion
graffiti in
coded insanity
daydreaming of
i refuse
to allow to
go to ash
just another
delusional poet
pining for more

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