coffee stains in the shape of hearts

the mourning
routine remains
a pot of adderall
to wash down
the bitter brown
coffee as i read
the news of the
last evening
tapping the same
apps hoping for
a new spin on
the old insanity
half an hour
pleading with
the universe for
a deviation off
this accursed
loneliness as i
get dressed and
prepare to face
whatever new hell
waits just beyond
another morning
spent holding on
to the ones that
want nothing to
do with a fool
who doesn’t know
when enough is
assuredly enough

in a failed
effort to preserve
some sort of
autonomy over
agonies where
open wounds like
love bites form
down the tender
flesh of desire
sipping from an
empty mug to
shutter the vacant
desperations of
temporal distortions
unaccepting of
the obvious truth
as sleeplessness
casacades over
the tenuous edge
of sorrowful disdain

three times three
i murmur my adoration
to the rising sun
knowing all too well
the idiocy of
standing strong in
the ignominy of
restless ignorance
a pot of adderall to
wash down the coffee
steaming in defiance
of obvious deference
a forgotten streak of
soushattered irreverence
sitting alone in an
absence of artfully
artificial absolution

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