you could
jumper cables
to my
heart and
power a
from the
anxiety in
an acidic halo
of near panic
softly in
under my

enslaved by these
feverish desires
the devil’s heartbeat
thunders deeply in
my papermache chest
i am torn to shreds
in the divine chaos
rattling the chains
tethering my soul
to a realm of studiously
indifferent emptiness


8 thoughts on “studious

  1. I love the “paper mache chest” image like devils heart beat inside a piñata! You can hear the “beating” in so many ways. SO well done. ❤️

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      1. Oh… well, I simply love the thought of paper mache holding the heart (beats…) I’ve heard of paper hearts in poems but for the body to be the fragile paper around the heart as you wrote, was really a stand out for me.

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      2. And also… it seems like the heart is strong inside the fragility… of the paper… I like that feeling… even if the heart is the “devils”

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