rainy day blue notes

i have
hours between
sitting in
the cold rain
in a gravel lot
outside the
fed ex warehouse
west of 35
a few miles
from the
next appointment
too far from
except empty
parking lots
and blustery
bouts of rain
waiting for
the next act
to play out
in my mind

a granular
dissociation in
between the
fat drop splatters
driving down
the frontage road
astride my steed
herding the
cattle sitting
still on the
toll road
trusty revolver
on my hip as
i adjust my hat
and squint off
into the distance

a spatial distortion
too aware one
stray atom
could pierce the
hull and send
a chain reaction
of vacuous collapse
into the radiation
soaked nothingness
headed home
after a long haul
to richardson or
alpha centauri
who can say
with certainty
as we tunnel
through the fabric
of space in
quiet desperation

hours to kill
in an ever
tightening web
of anxieties
and self doubt
staring into the
space between
frantic heartbeats
wrapped around
wheezing ventricles
little black spots
swimming at the edge
as i deteriorate
into a cloud of
floating spores
lost again
in my cavernous skull


2 thoughts on “rainy day blue notes

    1. I am quite smitten with Texas, she is a harsh but lovely mistress. You should check out Texas Author Con in Richardson this summer. Going to be a strong lineup of mostly Texas authors. You should get a table and come spend the weekend. I’m sharing a table with Eric Butler, another DFW writer. Last year was a good time, and this year looks gigantic. Overwhelming a bit. I’m trying to convince you and convincing myself I don’t want to go. Hahahaha.

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