accepting it is all beyond acceptance

little more than
a petulant
collection of
cobbled together
from the
corpses of
childhood dreams
forced into
an unwanted
existence by
a slurry of
chemicals as
lightning strikes
the collection
of misremembered
memories floating
in a myopic sense
of lost wonder
scared and alone
torn from the
comforting dark
assaulted by
sensory overload
as unfocused eyes
flinch from all
the stabbing lights
as the villagers
wave torches and
they storm the
castles we hide in

i trace the scars
my mismatched
hands desensitized
in a storm of
sparks raining
down to voice
the displeasure of
an absent father figure
an ambivalent gatekeeper
guarding the path
to paradise with
an unobtainable ideal
of what the aftereffects
of the human condition
truly does to the
hastily stitched
mass of malignancy
in a patchwork
tattered soul of
ugliness floating
on an ocean of
pristine disinterest

yet despite
the abhorrency of
this monstrous form
the danger lies
in the blast furnace
of passion
blackening the flesh
around my steam
powered heart as
the indicator dials
point to the
eminent meltdown
infreasing pressure
in the miles of
tubing straining
to keep my heart
from going supernova
in a self contained
fallout from the
acceptance that this
loneliness is
the only absolute
while this realm of
shattered delusion
comes tumbling down
to the tearsoaked soil
a hellscarred eternity
of understanding
we are nothing but
a series of mistakes
speeding through an
array of near fatal
interactions with
clenched fists awaiting
that final collision

10 thoughts on “accepting it is all beyond acceptance

      1. maybe. I’m not sure if acceptance is a strength. I think of acceptance as acceptance. Like resistance might seem like a strength, but might just be resistance. I don’t mean to veer from the meaning or intention of your poem… your statement is interesting…
        so is your poem.

        Liked by 1 person

          1. hmmm… ok, I’ll think about that ‘different facets of the same feeling’ but I’m not sure what I would validate as simply “weakness” because it’s more complicated than that… like weakness as measured by what? by who?
            Am I veering?
            thank u for the dialogue!

            Liked by 1 person

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