a maniacal hopping chorus

the sparrows
line the railing
in what feels
like an aural
assault from
from a rift torn
in the fabric
of reality itself
beady black
eyes stare
as the coffee
steams in a
yellowed mug

the weight of
atoms vibrating
slowly in place
meandering little
building blocks
restrained by
the wintry refrain
and my heart
showing the wear
from an inverse
relationship to
the gay-lussac law
despite the drop
in temperature
the pressure builds
i grit my teeth
to channel my
inner ohm to
resist a catastrophic
system failure
the air alight
with static
neurons firing
in spatial flux
like the chorus
of sparrows
hopping in place

i remain still
an ice sculpture
as the cloudfangs
drift seductively
among the rows of
sullen buildings
a captive audience
for an avian
symphony unaffected
by the spirits
howling sadly
in the mist


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