a monotony
of sovereign
sodden gray
the traffic
in the distance
a consistency
of white noise
roaring through
standing water
the sparrows
bask in the
moment between
when the sun
should rise
and the rains
return to
bathe the day
in dismalities.

this instance
of sheer chaos
the manic drive
undulating in
images of
another day
dodging puddles
in a stagnancy
of moldering

drowning in
two inches of
rain water,
an obligatory
moment of silence
for the silent
coffee pot.


17 thoughts on “uncaffeinated

          1. forced internal time…
            sounds like you need to spend some time there…
            but not while driving. And not “focused” on what hurts, but more allowing yourself to feel your body. Do you know what somatic healing is? It works with sound… being into music you might dig it.
            I like that you are a weirdo.


                1. huh. i suppose in my own fucked up way, i feel most safe baring it all here than actually processing things. so not unsafe, but finding the safety in that. never considered it, honestly.

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                  1. ok, writing is processing things for you then. that works… I do think you have a brave voice. I don’t like how hard you on yourself tho, but I get it. I think you should attempt to be gentle with yourself. You are worth the care and the love. but I’ll stop being all preachy and nosy… I don’t mean to stifle your voice in anyway.

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                    1. I had a friend from high school who wanted to keep a toenail of mine (in a matchbox) that literally fell off due to the black and blue pounding of all night dancing in the wrong shoes… so as long as you’re not keeping the scabs metaphorically or otherwise in matchboxes, I think your process sounds, Sound.

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                    2. I borrowed them… I didn’t feel any pain until the morning. I was partying on New Year’s Eve. But that was senior year of high school when fashion meant something to me. By the time I was in my 20’s I went dancing in the same boots I worked in… and I was on FIRE! 😂
                      I meant that in ALL Seriousness… lol!
                      I have LONG since grown back my toenail and Happily quit drinking.


                    3. Yeah, quitting drinking means I get to keep my waistline (for both my vanity and my health) and my brain and my spirit and my soul. I had my fun. I have no regrets. I wouldn’t take back any of it. But today is far better. I’ll stop being longwinded on your site now. Thanks for allowing me to take up some space and time.
                      Peace to you Mike. I hope you are doing ok this morning.

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                    4. I am well, my friend. Feel free to take up as much space as you’d like. I don’t get many comments and conversation here. It’s appreciated.


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