beware of sharks

there was
a tingle of danger
the moment she
entered the room
my hackles rose
as her black eyes
locked on me
a predatory gaze
that chilled me
to the bone

she seemed to
glide across the room
a seductive storm
of malicious intent
and i knew the
fear of the tuna
as the shadow
blocked the light
flickering through
the saline seas

i had expected
a group for the
training on the new
machine but she
had a clear thing
for control
and would let the
nurse sharks know
as much as they
needed to and
i was willing to
bet nothing more

no matter where
i stood she found
a way to be
too close
at an angle that
showed her low cut
dress as i was
forced to reach
around her each time
she found a new
question and
sidled in closer

i was cornered
staring hard at the
shiny new machine
not the soft brown
flesh as she slid
in front of me
yet again with an
incidental grazing
and i was desperate
to flee as my face
burned a scarlet
inferno and any
damned soul who
passed avoided my
awkward entrapment

there was a
palpable sense of
danger as she
slid into the room
a promise of pain
in sweet surrender
and i swam as
fast against the
current as my
tired fins could go


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