a fly a ferret a fool

a fly
in the long
false lashes
adorning the
lazy eye of

a sty
an inflammation
a string of
hastily spat
a last grand
stand before

the world
is an oil painting
of rotting fruit
we molder on
the sunken pear
unaware that
god is a cockroach
scurrying across
the coffee table
in the shadows
projected by
the universe’s
embarrassed blush

when i am
so incredibly numb
i seek beauty
from the festering
ugliness in
the haze of smoke
settled around me
i know not if
the house is on
fire or if the
happy blue flames
are dissociative
in nature but
at least my feet
are nice and toasty

a fly
a flitting
the sight of
the innocuous
racing alone
through my
hollow skull


4 thoughts on “a fly a ferret a fool

  1. I don’t know if you’re familiar with the animated Æon Flux comic book-story but your opening reminded me of it… and your oil painting of rotting fruit, reminds me of when Jackson Pollock did Tiffany Window displays, creating paper mache pears to resemble “master painters” before he retired into his splatter painting phase.
    It’s vivid evocative poem… needless to say!

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