sedatives in the sediment of sentiment

the last morning
for the foreseeable
abject predictivity
of shivering as
the faux winter
fades into a short
spring while summer
sharpens her fangs

i coalesce
within the
whorling icy
regret suffusing
the layer of fog
burning off on the
placid expanse of
the lake i longingly
dream to walk into
the fireants of
anxiety march
kicking up a
sandstorm of all
the things my broken
cannot make itself
face in a stinging
blast of occidental

there is the fear
the low pressure cold
skowly retreating
to tickle the
aurora borealis is
the only thing keeping
my mercurial core
somewhat solid
the onset heat wave
warbling my liquid
metal insecurities
until they flush
through the nanomachines
disrupting preprogrammed
routines in bipolar
resurgencies of

paper hearts
float as the ink
pulls the declarations
of love into
the currents of
underground aquifers
a subterranean sludge
in neglected adorations
seeping slowly
into the ground soil
a contamination of
heartthistle pods
leaking milky tears
in a surrendering
of stagnant blessings


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