tiredly trudging

it’s all
so heavy today
the manic ship
finally sinks
a fool in
his diving bell
hoping for no
kinks in the
hose as he
stumbles among
the beds of
waving kelp
half asleep
with no dream
left to clutch

the main issue
with a supernova
heart is the
gradual increase
in mass renders
the wielder
little more than
a silhouette
lack of perception
limiting depth
a shadow playing
at real boy
less romantic lead
more semiautonomous
manic mannequin
shakily mimicking
fabricated nonchalance
in quivering dismay

so fucking heavy
i sink deeper with
every weary step
kneedeep on the
badside of a breakdown
packing up for
another road trip
new city same tired
desperation as i
plot three hours of
scabs to pick as
texas blurs into
a pixelated burst
where i can put the
scene back together
exactly as i used
to idiotically dream

screaming in the
heavy hooded hell of
a hastily constructed
diving bell as stale
air filters through
untold feet of
tangled intestines
lost in the darkness
colorful fish dart
through the hollow
skulls of the dearly
departed derelict
dreamers languishing
in a vacuous hell
of heavy dissociations

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