the ground feels
topsy turvy
dizziness sweeps
through a canal
of oscillating
ossicles suspended
in the same murky
disbelief i view
this spiraling
panorama of
insular deliriums from.

a mouthful of
silver nails to
keep my demon tongue
from spilling out
the poisonous prose
that tingles as it
drips down your
lush inner thighs
leaving lines of
unfathomable desire
etched in the gentle
folds of your
soulstuttered need.

dizzy from the way
the sunlight spills
across your smile
carved into my eyelids
scar tissue scratching
with every furtive blink
tears running down
weathered cheeks in
need of a shave
as the nimbus swallows
the darkness welling
from each self induced
wound weeping into
this oblivion of
unrequited silences.

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