seven feelings (lists are not poetry)

1) eating pineapple as it eats
you, an unnatural oroboros of
irrational desire
b) the first kiss of warm
sunshine after a long winter
when it is a little too cool to
roll the window down but one
song never killed anyone
3) the taste of her lips first
thing in the morning when
hunger flashes across the
bruised sky
$) a chill breeze knocking the
last leaf from its branch
⁵) you’re driving down a road
and suddenly it could be any
road going anywhere and your
heart speeds up as you try to
recall where you were last time
you were you
π) the way the first rays of
light dance upon her hair as
your tongue traces lazy i love
yous down her stomach
6) your breath melts the frost
on the window as you kneel
on your bed while you slept
the snow fell fast and silent
now the news announces school
3.33333) her soft cries and the
sparrows singing
7) that moment when you know
you cannot turn back time,
there is no return as the ache
becomes empty


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