deeper shade of azure

a new day dawns
cold and clear
a shower of
painful refractions
igniting the
moisture in
the atmosphere
into a hallucinogenic
explosion of
golden cerulean

a week ago
i sat in marshall
listening as
an older man
stood perplexed
as his grandson
pondered aloud
why the ocean
was blue if
each drop of
water is clear
i calmly explained
“every i love you
that goes unheard
gathers dejectedly
to color the
globe in longing”

he looked at me
with squinted eyes
and i shrugged
“either that or
the refraction
of light as it
passes into our

he stared pensive
at the sky for
a long minute as
he contemplated
the diffusion of
sunlight being
capable of coloring
the emptiness
surrounding us
a daydream pastel
painting the walls
of an invisible cage
the sheer chance of
a marble spinning
fast enough to trap
the precious air
in a pocket around
seventy percent of
a world covered in
the poisoned clarity
of azure illusion
before he smiled
and shook his head
the magic lost on
them as walked away

a new day dawns
as i pick
the prettiest
delusion to
keep me faking it
another day
the horrorshow
of reality
feels too
so i mutter my love
to the sparrows
and watch as the sky
turns a deeper
shade of blue


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