a feast

she smiles
as the blade traces
up my shin
the barest pressure
a thin line of
crimson beading
into a slow drip

into my thigh
she carves our intials
ever possessive
in insecure stalkings
but i smile wide
a demon possessed
in lustful repose
as the cartoon hearts
cut deeply to bone

i cannot control
my laughter as her
nails carve xylophonic
furrows down my
now bare ivory ribs
and i feel myself
stiffen as her teeth
bite fiercely upon
my fluttering heart

she straddles me
grinding with a painful
intent that does
nothing to slow the
as the sharp blade
comes down
and i explode
inside her wet slit
hot blood runs down
her heaving breasts

i gave her my
everything and she
gave me the only
thing she knew
and somewhere in
this hellstorm
of razored declarations
a symphony of desire
crashed down upon
an unsuspecting world
she staggered away
slightly worse for wear
i became a feast for
love’s bloated maggots


11 thoughts on “a feast

  1. I’ve never met a woman who wanted to be abused sexually unless she was mentally ill. Your poems have taken a distinctly misogynist tone. Goodbye Manic Mike. This is where we part ways. Best of luck to you. I hope you find some joy and peace and wellbeing.

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      1. Violent sex is misogyny. Women can also be chauvinist and misogynistic. Look at Margery Taylor Greene and Lauren Bobart. It’s still patriarchal bullshit. Now, I have been kind to you and very kind in explaining what YOU need to know on a basic human level. Goodbye.

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                    1. I especially like how they had to name drop some scum bag politicians just to puff themselves up and inflate their self-righteousness. I’ve found that is typically where people go when they nothing to really say or no way to defend their position. Weak.


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