somewhere over alabama

flying somewhere
above alabama
my head most
in the clouds
forehead pressed
to the cool
curved window
blowing all the
kisses i never
got the chance
to deliver
out toward the
setting sun
i never manage
to quite catch
before tomorrow
springs to life
and i regret
the inactions
making up my day

the only open
blind on the packed
flight to dallas
watching the ashes
of the weekend
trail off into
an absurdity of
familiar darknesses
tired yet wired
unwilling to accept
i sit still as
the world hurtles
itself around her
i am just another
satellite crashing
to the pulsing waves

i slip between
the fickle fingers
of fated fuckeries
a shower of embers
falling downdowndown
somewhere over
alabama aloft on
the alabaster sway
of kisses undelivered


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