life is
a degenerative
we don’t seem
to fully appreciate
in the finer
details of a
total breakdown
amid the chaos

there was
a phantom smell
of lilacs
yet my eyes still
saw the wisteria
in the rain
standing outside
a hotel somewhere
by the ocean

i left the chains
self shackled
for so long
to insular miseries
to rest there
rusting in the
salt laden breeze
a more buoyant take
on the same shattered

but the electric
lavender in the drizzle
so similar to lilac
calls out for
one more glance
even though that world
belongs to then
and i find myself
somewhere outside
who i once was

anxieties kept
me from lving
only feeling the
effects of the
aspect and now
i stand bathed in
wisteria petals
and a cool mist
wondering how i
ever got so far lost


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