that tremble was me

a drive might
calm the
electrical discharges
rupturing across
my minefield mind
as my jaw
seizes shut
the manic grin
fading into
a puckered scar
as phantom thunder
rumbles over
cerulean despair

this ineffectual
effusion of dependent
chemicals sloshing
through every
sudden movement
going too fast
for too fucking long

it’s all okay

it goddamned well
isn’t despite
the repetitions
screaming nonstop
battering my
brainstem in a
pandemonium of
incessantly nagging
invasive fears

and i remind myself
with shaking hands tight
upon the steering wheel
i am the fucking storm
a chaos of bitter tears
flooding the streets
i surge over
a hammer slamming
down on the stillborn
soul of beauty
leaving cracks to
race in lichtenstein
exaggerations of
unfathomable light

breathing fumes
to lull the sleepy
dreamers into
a full on frenzy
feeding feverishly
on the fluttering
heart of creativity
until only the
ragged gristle remains

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