jellyfish nebulæ

for the longest
i thought that i
was a stray atom
a comet destined
to strafe those
inhabitable orbs
wobbling off in
their own orbits
self contained by
invisible shells
indifferent to
the lonely folly
in frozen prose

one too many
close calls left
me careening out
in the irradiated
emptiness of
needing some space
as the icy facade
splintered around
my now exposed
and i longed only
to burn up in my
fiery reenetry
an agonized icarus
in indecent repose

a sudden sway in
the starlines seering
my watering gaze
a gravitational
fluctuation pulling
an errant isotope
decaying in the
half life spent
drifting apathetically
to shed the electrons
leaving my charge
in a negative state
blinking away tears
to see a universe
of breathtaking beauty
as galaxies dance in
a madness of magical
jellyfish nebulæ


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