i carry
a tiny silver
to shatter
the delusions
grown as
scales over
my sinful stare
a panted liturgy
kneeling on
the remnants
of yesterday’s
purloined promises
the growing pool
of crimson
unheeded in the
midst of prayer

a million eyes
staring through
cracked mirrors
as i glide
smokily incongruent
a phantom kiss
across the globe
a storm of
sparrow feathers
under solemn skies
a funeral procession
in dreamscattered
lethargy gasped
beneath iridescently
demure disdain

the ringing of
my trusted hammer
as i toil
through these
stained glass litanies
a distortion lost
in a maze of mirrors
folding a map
because the closest
point between
two objects is
a straight line
and i am at least
a million miles
from anywhere close
to fucking okay

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