answering rhetoricals

what is a poet
but a half cocked
philosophy drop out
espousing on
rhetoricals and
seeking to define
ethereal ideals
with a cocksure
sense of stupidity
misquoting greats
misspelling those sloppy
heartfelt declarations
mistaking kindnesses
and misusing drugs

using big words to
hide the tiny thoughts
less a writer than
a deluded stage magician
seeking to distract
the audience with
clumsy metaphors as
he attempts to project
a sense of ill defined
illusionary ability

if you meet someone
calling themselves
a fucking poet
don’t make eye contact
just nod and smile
and get the hell away
there is nothing
to be found there
except the scars from
where he dissected
himself only to find
the nothing inside
except a desperation
of over complicated words

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