riddled with flies

you’d think
as often as the
anxiety visits
it would be
a familiar friend
it feels the need
to remind me
the sky is falling
even as i sit
bathed in blue
picks apart the
threads of joy
until everything
is a tangled mess
cannot take a
hint to leave
lamenting things
as yet to occur
testing resolve
with a flurry of
jabs aimed unerringly
at the tender spots

youd think
anxiety would
occasionally bring
over a six pack
laugh about all
the silly worries
it sprinkled in
to poison the day
then head off
to spoil some
other unlucky
bastard’s day

my chest ripples
with waves of
nauseating uncertainty
my mind is
riddled with flies
and everything
feels slightly off
anxiety always seems
to pull the compass
off of true north
until i find myself
spinning in place
a manic top
yet never managing
to quite



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