lost in the swirl
a cinnamon rasen
carefully spun
between golden dough
kneaded and cut
as sunlight spreads
to ignite the
stillness with notes
of earthy aromas
a hoarfrost of icing
lazily pooling on
the superheated glass
filling each crevice
with a sinuous glaze
of delightful sweetness
lost in the subtle
beauty of sleepy creation
a dreamlike delirium
in orchestrating a
subtle symphony into
a scrumptious feast
as the worlds snores
unwilling to awaken
from a deep dreamless rest
while an overly caffeinated
fool covered in flour
moves along to the
thundering heartbeat
only he can seem to hear
slowly creating spirals
infused with the excess
adoration spilling out
to saturate the æther
in cinnamon flavored kisses


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