riding a unicorn down rainbow lined candy streets

i can’t find
any comfort in
my own skin
as the sky goes
from ominous
to crystal clear
azure illusion
mocking me as
i vibrate in
confused misery

smaller i shrink
as faulty processors
deconstruct ancient
code into a series
of chemical flashes
an acetate perversion
overlaid on truths
held self evidence
as i hang a jury
of my fears once more

bashing my face
against the fucking
mirror demanding
answers from the
ugly smear smirking
back at me through
a mask of crimson

but he never answers
when i earnestly ask

who am i

he doesn’t know
i know he knows
i know he doesn’t
know as we
continue this
charade rather
than face the
faceless smudge
screaming hoarsely
in lowercase odes
sending ripples
through the space
between disparate
soulshatter revenants

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