silent sirens

muting the
mutiny in my
pirate ship
of a brain
as i sit in
the crow’s nest
looking through
a spyglass out
into a world
i have issues
making out

a controlled
to quiet the
tremulous bits
of gray matter
a reverse
flowers for
algernon where
the fool slips
into blissful
ignorance as
the sparrows
trill an inane
little tune

there is a
in petulantly
denying fate
while bemoaning
petty existence
one spent above
clanging swords
burnt cordite
in a furious
flurry of flying
careening merrily
to sink dispersions

a hush falls
i see her dancing
on the white tops
bewitched by her
intricate movements
a silent siren swaying
and i am pulled
entranced by her
enchanting beauty
uncaring of the
fall only the
moment our eyes
lock and everything
else simply evaporates


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